A Female Pedestrian Died After a Vehicle Struck Her in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA (August 30, 2023).  A sorrowful incident unfolded on Sunday, August 27.  A female pedestrian lost her life in a devastating collision on Fruitridge Road in Sacramento. The heart-wrenching event occurred in the evening, casting a pall of grief over the local community.

Woman Killed in Pedestrian Accident on Fruitridge Road

In accordance with information from the Sacramento Police Department, the woman met her unfortunate fate when she was struck by a car. The incident occurred in the 5000 block of Fruitridge Road around 9:00 p.m. The impact of the collision resulted in fatal injuries. This killed the woman instantly at the scene of the accident.

The identity of the woman remains undisclosed.  Authorities wait for the proper notification of her family members before releasing such sensitive information. This gesture aims to provide the family with the space and time needed to process their profound loss.

The Driver of the Vehicle Remained At The Scene

In a commendable display of responsibility, the driver involved in the collision remained present at the scene and cooperated fully with law enforcement officials. Their willingness to assist in the aftermath of the tragedy is a testament to the importance of coming together as a community during times of adversity.

We still know the immediate circumstances surrounding the accident. The Sacramento Police Department are actively investigating the details of the incident. Their thorough investigation seeks to shed light on the sequence of events that led to this heartrending fatality. Authorities have urged anyone who possesses information pertinent to the case to reach out to them at 916-808-5471, contributing to the pursuit of a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

Sacramento Woman Struck and Killed On Fruitridge Road

Location Where A Woman Was Struck and Killed On Fruitridge Road

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