Hattie Louise Anderson Struck and Killed in South Sacramento Crash

SACRAMENTO, CA (January 12, 2023) – Early in the evening on Tuesday in South Sacramento, a pedestrian was struck and killed at Stockton Boulevard and 14th Avenue.

Sacramento Woman Struck and Killed in Crash

The victim was later identified as Hattie Louise Anderson.

The crash occurred at roughly 6:00 p.m., according to Chad Lewis. Lewis is an officer with Sacramento Police.

Anderson died at the crash site. She was a resident of Sacramento, 73 years old.

The person who was driving the vehicle remained at the crash site and cooperated with investigators.

The driver has not been identified, including name, age, gender, and city of residence.

Investigators are in the process of working to understand why the crash happened, and what factors or circumstances may have been involved.

The details of the crash have not yet been reported, such as the line of travel of the vehicle, and where Anderson had been walking. The investigation is continuing.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Safety for Walkers

  1. Obey traffic signs, signals, and rules. Don’t try to outrun vehicles by dashing across the road. It is difficult to judge how fast a vehicle is moving.
  2. Choose to walk on the sidewalk, if there is one. A pedestrian is safer out of the roadway.
  3. Do not cross in the middle of the road. Walk across the street or road at the intersection, and if there is a crosswalk, use it.
  4. Look all around before crossing the road, and make sure that the vehicle approaching is slowing to stop and the driver sees you. Don’t assume that because you are in the crosswalk, the driver has seen you.
  5. Watch out for cars that are changing direction as you are crossing the road. A car turning left or right into the intersection may come towards you and the driver may not see you until the last minute.
  6. Try to cross in an area with good lighting, if no crosswalk is available. Be patient and wait for a big gap in traffic before attempting to cross.
  7. Try to be aware of vehicles that are going into or coming out of driveways, and vehicles that are backing up. The driver may not see you.
  8. Keep your wits about you when walking, and pay attention to what’s happening all around you.

Safety for Drivers to Watch for Walkers

  1. Be aware of what’s occurring while you are driving, and watch for pedestrians.
  2. Be cautious when it is dark, or the weather is bad.
  3. Slow your speed when approaching a crosswalk, and stop for pedestrians who are crossing in the crosswalk. Don’t try to drive around the pedestrian in a crosswalk.
  4. Stop some distance before the crosswalk so the pedestrian, and other drivers, can see that you are stopping to yield for a pedestrian.
  5. Don’t try to speed around a stopped vehicle, even if the vehicle has stopped in the middle of the road. The driver ahead of you may have stopped for a pedestrian.
  6. Drive the speed limit, especially in school zones. Drive cautiously near schools and playgrounds, and be aware as sometimes children dart out into the street.
  7. Use extreme caution when traveling in reverse; sometimes pedestrians are difficult to see when backing up.

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