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Being involved in a car accident can be traumatizing—and sometimes, you may feel like there is nowhere you can turn for help. As you deal with injuries, high emotions, and property damage, your insurance company may prove less helpful than you’d imagine. That’s why it often makes sense to contact a Sacramento car accident attorney—someone who can help you get your life back together, and fight for you to get the compensation and care you need. AA Accident Attorneys is here when you need us; we are proud to be one of the top vehicle accident lawyers in Sacramento.

About Our Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

Our firm was founded by a former police officer, Paul Lee. After leaving the force, Attorney Lee became a lawyer, working with major insurance companies. There, he saw firsthand how car accident claims are handled—or in some cases mishandled. He committed to helping individuals in their hour of need—and he’s been doing it ever since!

Today, AA Accident Attorneys has more than 40 years of combined experience in personal injury representation—and we are dedicated to serving only those who have been injured in accidents; never insurance companies.

Our Services in Sacramento

At AA Accident Attorneys, we know how disorienting it can be to be injured in an accident of any kind—and how isolating it can feel. We are here to help, no matter the nature of your accident. Indeed, our legal services include:

The bottom line: If you’ve been injured and need someone to fight on your behalf, we hope you’ll give our Sacramento vehicle accident attorneys a call.

What a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer Can Do

There are a number of ways in which Sacramento vehicle accident attorneys can help you—including:

What Sets Us Apart

There are a number of things that set our Sacramento car accident lawyers apart—including:

Our Track Record

Another thing that sets us apart? We have a proven track record of helping our clients. In fact, we have recovered over $150,000,000 to date, and have a success rate of about 98 percent. Some examples of past cases include:

To learn more about our track record, we invite you to contact AA Accident Attorneys today.

Can’t You Just Work with Your Insurance Company?

A common question we receive is, Can’t I just work with my insurance company directly? Do I really need to hire a lawyer?

The thing to remember is that, ultimately, your insurance company is there to make money—and that means finding whatever reasons they can to deny your claim, or to pay it only partially. The simple truth is that the insurance company isn’t working in your best interests.

Getting the compensation you deserve may require some legal action, however—and that can be challenging on a good day. When you’re recovering from an accident, it’s all but impossible. That’s why it makes sense to enlist the services of a skilled car accident lawyer in Sacramento—someone who will offer the expert and aggressive representation you need. AA Accident Attorneys fits the bill!

What to Do Following a Car Accident

If you are ever involved in a car accident in Sacramento, we recommend taking the following steps.

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If you need to speak with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento, our team is standing by 24/7 to talk with you about your case. You can reach out to AA Accident Attorneys by using the following contact information:

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