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1 Killed, 26 Injured in Train Accident in Switzerland

On Monday, two trains in Switzerland crashed in a head-on collision. The two trains were locked together on the tracks. Early Tuesday morning, rescue workers divided the trains to reach the body of one of the drivers inside of the cabin. The 24-year-old driver did not survive the crash. 26 of the 46 passengers were […]

80 Killed in Train Crash in Northwestern Spain

80 people have died, 178 are injured (including five Americans) and 95 have been hospitalized after a train carrying 218 passengers derailed near the city of Santiago de Compostela in the Galicia region of Spain at 8:41 pm on Wednesday. There are two ongoing investigations into why the train derailed. It is suspected that the […]

San Francisco Cable Car Accident Injures Elderly Man

Officials announced the reasons behind their most recent accident that injured seven people on Wednesday. A bolt caused the cable car’s smooth ride to abruptly stop. It fell off a track plate then became lodged in a cable groove, officials stated on Thursday.

Train Wrecks Parade Float, Kills 4 Retired Servicemen

A freight train plowed into a parade float that had wounded veterans and their spouses sitting on top waving at onlookers Thursday evening. Authorities have since been able to confirm the death of four servicemen aboard the float; two servicemen gave their lives to save their wives from the unforgiving locomotive. Investigators are looking into […]