Three people were injured as a semi-truck smashed into the side of a moving Metrolink passenger train Sunday night in Newhall.

According to accident reports and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the semi-truck, which was transporting a load of automobiles, was traveling down Pine Street at around 9:40 p.m. when it smashed into Metrolink Train No. 271 just south of the Newhall Avenue Intersection.

There were as many as 220 people on board the train at the time of the accident, though only three people suffered injuries. They were quickly transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of relatively minor damages. The driver of the semi-truck was unhurt.

The accident forced the closure of the immediate area surround Pine Street as cleanup crews worked to clean the debris from the scene. Officials from Metrolink confirmed that the train did not derail, and that most of the damage was suffered by the truck.

The cab of the truck suffered serious damage, rendering the compartment a crumpled pile of metal, hardly distinguishable as the cockpit of a vehicle. A minor fuel leak was also started as a result of the accident, requiring the assistance of local firefighters to wash away.

At this time there is little information about what may have caused the accident. Investigators are combing over the scene to look for anything that may reveal a cause, and are interviewing witnesses and passengers on the train to put the pieces together. Anyone who saw the crash is being encouraged to notify accident investigators as soon as possible.

This collision comes as the latest in an unfortunate serious of vehicle-train accidents, which saw almost 30 people injured last week when another truck smashed into a passenger train, partially derailing it from its tracks.

Safe care should always be taken when in the vicinity of train crossings, as collisions are rarely minor, and often feature serious damage for those involved. The driver of the semi-truck and most of the passengers on board the train are lucky to be walking away from such a potential tragedy.

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