Three people were injured as a commercial delivery truck collided with an Amtrak train Thursday afternoon in Sorrento Valley.

According to the San Diego Police Department, the collision took place just after 3 p.m. at the intersection of Sorrento Valley Road and Sorrento Valley Boulevard, where a northbound Amtrak passenger train struck a delivery truck still partially on the tracks. The collision knocked the truck onto its side and spun it into a sedan and a landscaping truck owned by the Del Sol Landscape Company.

“Both of my guys inside couldn’t get out so they were just kind of helpless in there until somebody, the EMT’s got them,” said Cesar Fernandez, the company’s owner.

The drivers of both the delivery truck and landscaping truck were treated at the scene by responding paramedics before being taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla for non-life threatening injuries. The train engineer was also taken to an area hospital for evaluation. None of the passengers aboard the train were injured.

Rail service throughout the area was put on hold following the accident, and police shut down the intersection to allow for cleanup and a closer investigation into the causes of the crash. By 6 p.m., all lanes were reopened and rail service was restarted using an alternate track.

Last week, another area resident narrowly avoided a similar accident in which the intersection’s warning signals and crossing arms were not engaged until the train was already entering the intersection. Speaking to reporters, he recalled that “the train was coming towards me, the cars in front of me, maybe they didn’t know or didn’t see but they just took off, I came up to the track itself and I went ‘Whoa, here comes the train.’”

In Thursday’s crash however, sheriff’s deputies reported that crossing arms and warning lights were working properly, and that the train sounded its horn before the accident. “It’s got to be a scary thing sitting in that cabin and seeing what’s going on and not really being able to do anything,” said Schwartz.

As a driver, it is important to use extreme caution around intersections with train tracks, staying well clear when traffic comes to a stop. “Look out for the trains,” Schwartz added. “I can stop in five or ten feet, but the train takes a half a mile and the train is going to win every time.”

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