One man was injured and three vehicles damaged after a semi-truck collided with a freight train Thursday evening in Rowland Heights.

According to Lieutenant Jeff Loftin of the California Highway Patrol, the truck was traveling southbound on Nogales Street in the number two lane when traffic congestion stranded the large vehicle on the tracks. “He’s back behind the tracks in stop-and-go traffic. Traffic starts to move, he moves. Then, the traffic stops.”

Unable to clear the tracks, the semi was then struck by a Union Pacific freight train heading westbound. The train crashed into the truck’s trailer, separating it from the truck and sending it cascading down the tracks into multiple vehicles waiting in the surrounding traffic. A BMW SUV was hit, and a Nissan sedan, which suffered major damages. Much of the car’s roof was caved in, as was the right rear and left front wheel wells. A train control box was also hit before trailer came to rest.

Fortunately, the Nisan driver was able to escape serious injury, only complaining of minor pains and refusing medical treatment. Both the freight train operator and the BMV driver were also unhurt. The semi-truck driver did sustain minor injuries, and was taken to nearby hospital.

Following the accident, police closed down Nogales Street from San Jose Avenue to Walnut Drive until late Friday morning to allow for extensive cleanup, and for repairs to the damaged train control box. After debris was cleared away from lanes, and the control box was returned to working order, the road was reopened.

Around intersections with train tracks, it is essential to remain well clear until you are able to pass through without resistance. If traffic prevents you from crossing over tracks completely, wait until you have the space to do so, or you could become trapped and unable to avoid an approaching train.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a train accident such as this, you should seek help, as legal action may be available to you. Depending in the circumstances that surround your accident, you may be entitled to compensation from those at fault to cover the costs of your damages, and with the help of a trained Los Angeles train accident lawyer, you can be assured of recovering the full amount that you are rightfully owed.

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