A would-be train passenger was struck, pinned underneath and killed by a light rail train while attempting to stop it Wednesday in Sacramento.

According to a spokesperson from the Sacramento Regional Transit, the person who has yet to be identified was crossing over the train tracks in the area of Power Inn Road and Folsom Boulevard when he was hit and pinned at the torso. It was later discovered that he was attempting to cross the tracks in order to reach the platform to board the train.

A woman walking with the man, Kelly Allen, told police at the scene that he ran out in front of the train in hopes of stopping it. “I was getting the tickets, and he was trying to stop the train,” she said. “He decided he was going to run, go in front of the train, and he got hit by the train.”

Rescue personnel were quickly rushed to the scene to pull the man out from underneath the train. Police reported that the man who appeared to be in his 50s was alert and talking with rescue workers while they worked to pull him free. Unfortunately, upon being pulled to freedom, the man died as a result of his injuries.

Sacramento police launched an investigation into the accident, but officials from Regional Transit said there was nothing the driver of the train could have done to avoid the man on the tracks. The local transit authority also said that it has seen an increase in incidents like this over recent months, and is looking into potential safety improvements. As they deliberate these improvements, they are also considering a public awareness campaign to highlight the dangers around active tracks.

“We’ve had a string of accidents involving light rail, and in every case people are just not exercising reasonable caution around the trains,” said Mark Lonergan, COO of Regional Transit. “The trains are big and heavy, and can’t stop on a dime, and people need to be aware and careful when they’re crossing and around trains.”

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