13 Year Old Chris Amaya-Pineda Was Killed by South Los Angeles Hit-and-run Driver; Other Family in Serious Condition

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 12, 2023) – Chris Amaya-Pineda–13 years old–was struck and killed in South Los Angeles by a hit-and-run driver. Other family members–including his two siblings and his mother–are in serious condition.

The January 9 crash occurred in the neighborhood of Broadway-Manchester, at 111th Place and Main Street.

The time was roughly a little before 8:00 a.m., Los Angeles Police said.

Chris was traveling with his family, and reports say they were on their way to the grandmothers’ home.

According to authorities, a sedan that was traveling at a fast speed went through a light that was red and struck the vehicle Chris and his family were traveling in.

The force of the crash sent the family’s vehicle into a vehicle that was parked, and a fence.

Following the crash, the hit-and-run driver fled the scene on foot, according to authorities, and his vehicle erupted in flames.

Chris died from his injuries.

His brother Damian, who is two years old, is on life support, reports say, and according to a family member, if he survives, he will likely be paralyzed.

Chris’ sister Jade, who is 16 years old, survived the crash and she is being treated for her injuries.

Their mother, Deborah, who is 35 years old, is also being treated for the injuries she suffered.

Investigators are searching for the suspect hit-and-run driver.

If anyone has information about the crash, the person can contact Los Angeles Police.

The number is 877-275-5273.

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