The California Department of Public Health fined two Orange County nursing homes on Monday for providing “inadequate care” which resulted in the deaths of patients.

The Newport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Newport Beach was fined $100,000 when an unattended patient fell while using the bathroom. Emeritus at Yorba Linda was fined $90,000 when a patient who was unsupervised choked on a piece of meat.

The following accounts are from the investigative reports:

In August, Newport Nursing admitted a female patient after she underwent hip surgery. She was unable to go to the bathroom without the aid of a staff-member. In September, an unnamed nursing assistant left her unsupervised in the bathroom. Later, she was found by another employee face-down with no pulse.

She later died in the hospital due to a spinal fracture that her fall had caused.

At Emeritus, a female patient who had difficulty eating by herself, had to be served chopped meat, as per her doctor’s orders. Earlier this year, a nursing assistant forgot to give the woman her dentures. The woman was found unconscious with a partially eaten sandwich in front of her.

She died six days later from cardiac and respiratory arrest from choking.

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