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Minor Injuries After 17 Vehicles Crash on Mitchell Road in Modesto

Modesto, CA (December 14, 2023) – A massive collision involving 17 vehicles occurred on Mitchell Road near Finch Road, resulting in minor injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Fuel Spill and Minor Injuries Reported After Big Rigs and Cars Collide

The multi-vehicle accident unfolded around 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday amidst foggy weather conditions. In this harrowing incident, 15 cars and three large trucks collided on the roadway. Traffic investigators had received a call alerting them to what appeared to be a fog bank hanging over the waterways of Stanislaus County, leading drivers to abruptly halt their vehicles.

Promptly responding to the scene, the Modesto Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Resources discovered a diesel spill amounting to approximately 150 gallons. Fortunately, injuries reports confirm minor, providing some relief amid the chaos.

Mitchell Road Bridge Closed Throughout The Morning Leaving Hundreds Looking For An Alternate Route

In response to the crash, authorities closed the Mitchell Road Bridge to facilitate investigations throughout the morning hours.

Inclement weather was a contributing factor to the chain reaction of car collisions. Authorities are urging motorists to adjust their driving habits to suit foggy, rainy, or snowy conditions. Slowing down and using headlights to enhance visibility are crucial safety measures. The message is clear: in adverse weather conditions, taking your time, remaining vigilant of your surroundings, and refraining from rushing can make a significant difference in preventing accidents.

Modesto Massive 17 Vehicle Crash On Mitchell Road

Location On Mitchell Road Where 17 Vehicles Collided In Modesto

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