Pedestrian Killed in Accident in Ceres, CA

According to the Ceres Police Department, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on Mitchell Road near East Whitmore Avenue on Sunday morning, resulting in the pedestrian’s death. Several callers reported the collision to the police department at approximately 12:30 a.m. Responding officers, along with personnel from the Modesto Fire Department and American Medical Response, were dispatched to the 2700 block of Mitchell.

Despite their efforts to save the pedestrian, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a news release, the Ceres Police Department stated that no identifying information was immediately available about the victim, except that he was an adult male. Sgt. Dirk Nieuwenhuis, a spokesman for the department, stated that the driver involved in the incident cooperated with the investigation, and there is no evidence of driving under the influence.

There is currently no information on the circumstances surrounding the collision. Traffic investigators are urging anyone who witnessed the incident or has information about it to contact Officer Ortiz at 209-538-5678.
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What are the most common ways people get hit by cars in Ceres, CA?

Pedestrians can get hit by cars in various ways, and some of the most common ways include:

  1. Jaywalking: Jaywalking is the act of crossing a street outside of a designated crosswalk or intersection. This can be dangerous because drivers may not expect pedestrians to be crossing in that area.
  2. Distracted walking: Pedestrians who are distracted by their phones or other electronic devices are more likely to walk into the path of a car and get hit.
  3. Running into traffic: Some pedestrians may run into traffic to try and catch a bus or avoid missing a green light. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if drivers are not paying attention.
  4. Walking while intoxicated: Walking while intoxicated can impair a person’s judgment and balance, making it more likely for them to stumble into the road or walk in front of a car.
  5. Crossing without looking: Pedestrians who fail to look both ways before crossing the street can be hit by cars that they did not see coming.
  6. Reckless driving: Drivers who speed, drive under the influence, or engage in other reckless behaviors can hit pedestrians while they are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street.

It is important for both pedestrians and drivers to be aware of their surroundings and take precautions to avoid accidents. Pedestrians should use crosswalks and designated walking paths whenever possible, and drivers should always be vigilant and follow traffic laws.

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