A young girl who suffered a serious head injury in a crash with a pickup truck was taken off life support Wednesday in Moreno Valley.

7 year old Crystal Ayana Walker was officially pronounced dead at Riverside County Regional Medical Center as a result of her injuries sustained in an accident that took place on September 21st, where she ran into the side of a pickup truck while riding on a Razor-style scooter.

According to reports form the accident, Crystal and her brother DeMarcus snuck out of their home while their mother was bathing their 2 month old sibling and took to the streets on scooters, without wearing helmets.

Not long after sneaking out of the house, Crystal collided with the side of a pickup truck at the intersection of Scarlet Way and Climbing Rose Drive. She was immediately taken to the hospital in critical condition, where she stayed until being taken off life support. The driver of the pickup truck, who has not been identified, was unhurt.

Crystal was described as an active girl who loved to play outside, and who was a cheerleader for the Jr. Mitey Mites Knights Division of the Moreno Valley Pop Warner Football League. “She was the sweetest thing you’d ever meet,” said Veronica Hanson, a cousin of the girl’s mother. “She loved to sing and dance. She loved cheerleading. She was so spirited.”

After taking her off life support, Crystal’s family decided to have her organs donated to help save lives of others in need. They are also asking for donations to help cover the costs of the young girl’s burial and funeral. A website has been set up to offer donators a change to give to their cause.

Aside from the obvious emotional damage, fatal accidents like this can also bring serious financial troubles to the families of victims. Funeral and burial costs can be expensive, and in situations where the victim is the primary wage earner, families are suddenly left with a bill that is too steep to pay and no means of earning future income.

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