A 2 year old boy was killed after running out into an alley and being hit by a truck Friday evening in Oceanside.

According to the Oceanside Police Department, the boy was playing with a group of other children in the courtyard of an apartment building near a western alley off the 400 block of North Home Street when he ran out into the alley, directly into the path of a 2012 Toyota Tundra.

The truck, which was being driven by a 55 year old man from Fallbrook, had travelled only a few feet after dropping off food for a barbecue when it collided with the young boy.

He was immediately taken to Rady Children’s Hospital after the accident, where he was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries.

An initial investigation has revealed that alcohol was not a factor in the accident, and that the driver of the truck, who was a family friend of the boy, will not be cited or arrested. The young toddler’s death was the result of nothing more than a tragic accident.

In larger vehicle like pickup trucks, visibility can be a dangerous issue, leading to accidents like these. When behind the wheel of something of substantial size, extra care is required to ensure the safety of anyone nearby.

Sometimes accidents like this are unavoidable, and nothing can be done to prevent these kinds of collisions as a result of poor visibility. Auto makers are working to implement rear view cameras on all new cars within the coming years, but until mass implementation is achieved, drivers will have to take special care to account for dangers like this.

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