A 52 year old woman was killed after driving her car down the wrong side of the road and crashing head on with a big rig Tuesday afternoon in Lake Forest.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the county coroner’s office, Joy Kelly of Lake Forest was driving her silver Mercedes SUV eastbound in the westbound lanes of El Toro road when she crashed into a curb and then directly into an oncoming big rig near Jeronimo Road just before 1 p.m.

At this time it is unknown why Kelly’s vehicle was on the road side of the road, though witnesses reported that the vehicle was riding down the westbound lanes for a long period of time.

The woman was traveling at roughly 50 miles per hour at the time of the collision with the big rig, which was also traveling at similar speeds. Kelly was killed instantly in the impact. The driver of the big rig, a man in his 50s, also suffered moderate injuries and was immediately taken to nearby Mission Hospital.

Shortly after the collision, another vehicle, a Toyota RAV4 driving behind the big rig, swerved to avoid the crash and crashed into the medium of El Toro. She was not injured.

Fire crews were called to the scene to clean up an unknown substance that had spilled out after the accident and to put out a small fire that had started on the big rig.

The violent crash forced a complete closure of El Toro road for more than seven hours to allow for police to investigate the crash and clean up the debris, causing massive traffic through the area, as El Toro is one of the most used roads through the entire city. The road was finally fully reopened at 8 p.m.

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