A driver traveling on the wrong side of Interstate 5 crashed into three separate vehicles early Sunday afternoon near Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, the trouble started at about 12:20 p.m. in the northbound lanes between Basilone and Las Pulgas roads where a woman was spotted driving at high speeds in the center medium against the flow of traffic.

In driving down the wrong side of the road, the woman crashed into three separate vehicles, a Toyota Sienna minivan, a silver Toyota Camry, and a blue Toyota Highlander before finally coming to a stop. Ambulances and emergency personnel were called to the scene, though it was unclear how many people were injured in the crashes, or how severely.

Three tow trucks were also brought to the accident site to remove the damaged vehicles from the highway. The crashes blocked the three left lanes, forcing traffic to pass through a single lane, creating a substantial backup. At its peak, the backup extended through the San Onofre checkpoint more than three miles away.

The crash took place in a portion of the highway where a fence and concrete guardrail separate north and southbound lanes, as a number of head-on collisions have taken place there as a result of motorists trying to avoid the border patrol checkpoint. Throughout most of the surrounding area, there are no such barriers separating lanes.

At this time there is little information as to why the woman was on the wrong side of the road. CHP investigators have launched an investigation to uncover the circumstances that led to the accident. It is unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors. Anyone with information that could assist in the police investigation is encouraged to contact the California Highway Patrol as soon as possible.

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