Mark Anthony Knight, a plastic surgeon from Orange County, is being sued for giving one of his patients the wrong size breast implant.

He was previously accused of sexual misconduct with a patient.

The California Medical Board took away his medical license in December 2010 after he was caught having sex with a patient by the patient’s husband.

The woman, who was there for a tummy tuck consultation, apparently told her husband to wait for her in the car with their children.

When the children needed to use the bathroom, the family came into the office when the husband heard moaning coming from the examine room.

He allegedly found the doctor and his wife having sex in the examination room.

Another patient also accused him of kissing her twice without her consent.

The lawsuit claims that another one of his patients asked him for a breast lift after she lost weight. He recommended breast implants instead.

She alleges that he rushed her into surgery after only two weeks and she paid $3,500 for the operation.

The woman says that she agreed to C-size cups, but that he instead gave her much larger ones and refused to correct his mistake. After she learned that he lost his medical license, she sought the help of an attorney and another doctor to rectify his mistakes.

The other doctor removed her implants and gave her a breast lift.

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