A woman turned an unsafe left turn into an accident with a police car after running a red light late Saturday night in Chula Vista.

According to accident reports, the collision took place just after 11 p.m. at the intersection of Telegraph Canyon Road and Interstate 805, where the woman attempted to make a left turn the westbound lanes of the major freeway directly in front of the path of a Chula Vista police sergeant.

The sergeant, who was making his way through the intersection on a green light, tried his best to avoid the vehicle by slamming onto the brakes but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Thankfully, the collision was relatively minor. The police sergeant suffered only minor injuries, though he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment as a precautionary measure. The red light running woman was unhurt in the accident.

An initial investigation into the crash has shown that the woman was likely talking on her cell phone just before the crash, suggesting she was oblivious to the red light, or the oncoming police car.

The accident forced the closure of lanes on the 805 for a short while as police and cleanup crews worked to clear the vehicles from the scene. A complete investigation into the crash is still ongoing to fully determine any other factors that may have been in play in the accident, and what kind of punishment will be given to the woman.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the scourge of road safety. As cell phones and in-vehicle entertainment systems continue to grow in capability, drivers are spending more time focused on them, and less on red lights.

When you are behind the wheel of an automobile, your priority is driving. Put the cellphone down, stop fiddling with the nobs on your dashboard, and keep your eyes ahead, both for your safety and those around you.

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