Summary: Car accidents can obviously result in injury—but what happens if you’re involved in an accident and walk away unharmed? Should you still seek medical attention? According to most car accident lawyers, the answer is yes. It’s always good to have a doctor check you out for unseen injuries, and seeking medical care positions you well for any legal proceedings with your insurance company. Learn more from AA Accident Attorneys in Newport Beach.

It goes without saying that car accidents can result in significant physical harm—and that, if you are ever injured in an accident, it’s important to seek the proper medical care right away.

What happens, though, when you’re in an accident and aren’t significantly harmed? What if you walk away with just a few scrapes and bruises? Do you still need to seek medical care—or is that unnecessary?

According to our Newport Beach car accident lawyer, the rule of thumb is to always seek medical care following an accident—and we’ll explain why.

You may be injured and not know it.

One thing our Newport Beach car accident lawyer says is that you can never tell for sure whether or not you have sustained an injury. It’s great if you walk away from the accident site feeling healthy—but you may have underlying injuries that simply haven’t presented themselves yet.

Indeed, a lot of common car accident injuries—including injuries to the neck and the back—only present weeks after the accident. By seeing a doctor, you can get rigorously evaluated and have any underlying issues spotted, allowing you to get proactive treatment and care.

You also need to think about your insurance claim.

According to our car accident attorneys, you also need to be mindful of the insurance process.

If you don’t seek medical care, immediately following an accident, then you may effectively forfeit any legal case you have down the road. That’s because the insurance company will prove that you caused your own injuries, or exacerbated them, simply by failing to get the right medical attention.

Again, our Newport Beach lawyers recommend that you always visit with a doctor immediately following a car accident, whether you feel like you “need to” or not; if nothing else, it ensures you’re on firm footing for any legal proceedings down the road.

Here’s how you can take care of yourself after an accident.

Indeed, in the interest of ensuring the strongest possible legal outcome, we recommend you take the following steps following a car accident:

  • See a doctor or visit an urgent care clinic, even if you feel fine
  • Follow the doctor’s orders—including follow-up appointments, physical therapy, and medication use
  • Keep records of any medical appointments you have (and also any related expenses)

According to our Newport Beach car accident lawyer, following these steps will put you in a strong legal position in any proceedings with your insurance company.

Get help from a Newport Beach car accident attorney.

One more thing: Any time you are in an accident in the Newport Beach area, it’s wise to seek the aid of a seasoned car accident attorney. The team at AA Accident Attorneys can advise you on how best to take care of yourself, as well as represent you to your insurance company. Any time you are in an accident, reach out to AA Accident Attorneys directly.