Most peoples’ first reaction when their windshield is hit by gravel is to take down the license plate number of the guilty vehicle. This may not actually help though, according to one California Highway Patrol Officer.

“The trouble with only getting the license-plate number off the back is that the trailers get passed around, sometimes on a daily basis. They come back to different registered owners of the tractor, or sometimes, even different trucking companies,” states the officer.

He recommends writing down the Carrier Authority number instead, if you have a safe opportunity to do it. The Carrier Authority number can be found on both sides of the cab of any commercial vehicle in California. The Carrier Authority number is important to use because it is specific to the person who owns the vehicle.

If you have been injured by such an accident, you should contact the California Highway Patrol with the Carrier Authority number and the details of your accident. They will contact the owner of the truck and the owner will be held accountable for your damages.

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