What Not to Do After an Accident

Following a car accident, it’s important not to do anything that could jeopardize your legal standing. Get some examples from AA Accident Attorneys.

Statistics indicate that, sooner or later, most of us will be involved in a car accident. While we all like to assume that we will respond as calmly and as rationally as can be, the reality is that panic and stress can set in very quickly, especially if there is obvious damage or injury. Even so, it’s important to behave properly in the aftermath of a collision, minimizing any threat to your safety or your legal standing.

As such, it’s beneficial to consider some of the things you shouldn’t do following a car accident. Here are eight examples of things you should avoid, as assembled by a car accident attorney from AA Accident Attorneys.

What Not to Do Following an Accident

  1. Flee the scene. Following a car accident, it’s always important to have the police come and file a report. The last thing you should do is try to escape the scene. This sends a signal that you believe you were guilty for the accident, and it can make it much harder for your insurance claim or your legal case to be held up in court.
  2. Apologize or admit fault. If you claim responsibility for the accident, even by offering a simple I’m sorry, it might mean your insurance company is on the hook for all damages… and that in turn can cause your premiums to skyrocket. Even if you actually do think you were the at-fault driver, it’s best not to say so.
  3. Let other drivers leave. Of course, you can’t stop the other drivers from leaving, but you can and should ask for their contact and insurance information before they do. If they refuse, use your camera phone to snap a picture of them, as well as their vehicle (including license plate).
  4. Argue with the police. When the police officer arrives on the scene, simply offer your take on what happened. You don’t necessarily need to say a lot, and you definitely shouldn’t lie, become rude, or act belligerent. Let the police do their job, and if you don’t like the assessment they make, that’s something to work through with your car accident lawyer.
  5. Refuse medical attention. If you’re seriously and visibly injured in the accident, you need to either accept care from the emergency responders, or ride in the ambulance back to the hospital. If you walk away with just scrapes and bruises, it’s still a good idea to go to the ER or an urgent care facility and be fully evaluated.
  6. Speak to the other party’s insurance company without your lawyer present. Once the insurance claims process begins, make sure you have a car accident attorney either in the room or on the phone with you any time you’re talking with an adjuster.
  7. Cash a check from the insurance company without your lawyer’s approval. Often, checks sent to you by the insurance company will constitute a final settlement… which means if you cash them, you forfeit any right to additional recourse or reimbursement.
  8. Try to fight the case on your own. Dealing with insurance companies is challenging even under the best of circumstances; when you’re recovering from an injury, it’s even more draining. Make sure you have a car accident lawyer who can fight the case on your behalf.

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