Two separate accidents with similar circumstances killed two people along the same freeway less than two hours apart early Saturday morning in San Diego.

The first crash, reported just after 6 a.m., took place on the transition ramp from the northbound state Route 163 to eastbound Interstate 8 in Mission Valley, where a speeding Dollar Cab taxi cab lost control and veered off the right hand side the road and struck a concrete wall.

The driver inside was ejected from the vehicle, as he was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. He suffered major head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by responding police. A passenger on board, seat belt properly fastened, complained of minor head pains, but was otherwise unhurt.

The second accident, which was reported an hour and 45 minutes later, occurred on the road linking the westbound Interstate 8 to southbound state Route 125 in La Mesa, where a 32 year old man driving a 200 GMC truck lost control of his speeding vehicle and crashed into a concrete wall along the shoulder of the highway.

The vehicle was then sent back across lanes and into the concrete wall on the opposite side of the road. A passenger on board, who was not wearing a seat belt, was sent through the windshield and over a freeway bridge railing. He fell an estimated 30 feet onto the southbound state Route 125 below.

He, like the taxi driver, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck, who was properly buckled in, was treated for only minor injuries at the scene. More information about the two who were killed will be released after the county coroner’s office has notified their next of kin.

In wet weather conditions, it becomes increasingly important to monitor your speeds and take turns more gradually, lest traction be lost, as was the case with these two accidents. The minor injuries suffered by the two occupants on board with their seat belts fastened also suggest that both would have survived the accident had they also been properly restrained.

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