A wet weekend filled with steady rains, fog, and mist led to more than 100 accidents across Los Angeles County on Saturday evening.

The winter weather created dangerous driving conditions throughout the weekend, which many drivers failed to respect on the highway. According to the California Highway Patrol, the number of accidents over the weekend was more than twice the weekend before it, which saw normal, dry conditions.

Beyond the slick roads, the fog severely reduced visibility throughout the county, even suspending play in the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament. Continued fog and mist remained through Sunday around LAX as well, though flights were not impacted.

Back on the freeways, reduced visibility and traction was a recipe for disaster for several drivers. One accident reported on the southbound 101 near Lindley Avenue in Tarzana was caused by hydroplaning. The vehicle involved was sent over the side of the highway as a result, ejecting one of the four occupants. Everyone on board was treated for injuries at the scene and transported to nearby hospitals for continued treatment.

In wet weather conditions, it becomes essential to reduce your speeds and avoid sudden maneuvering. Because of the lack of traction between your tires and the road, your ability to stop and turn is greatly reduced, increasing your chance of an accident if an obstacle were to appear ahead of you.

Puddles of standing water can also be a serious danger and should be avoided whenever possible. Driving directly through a pool of collected rainwater at speed can cause a total loss of control, spinning you into an accident.

Unfortunately, even the safest wet weather drivers can fall victim to a collision as a result of the negligence of others. It only takes a single dangerous decision from another motorist on the road to cause an accident that inflicts serious damages.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a wet weather accident like this, you should seek help. Depending on the circumstances that led to your ordeal, you may be entitled to compensation from those at fault, and with the help of an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney, you carry the strongest chance to recovering the full amount that you are rightfully owed.

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