One man was killed and two others were injured in an early morning accident on the 10 Freeway Tuesday in El Monte.

According to local police, the crash was reported just before 4 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the freeway near Peck Road, when a white minivan rear-ended a Caltrans work truck.

The violent collision squashed the front end of the van, killing the driver inside. Much of the front half of the vehicle was reduced to scrap, completely destroyed and unusable.

The rear portion of the larger Caltrans vehicle suffered far less damage, as the van had crashed into the metal reinforced truck bed. Two people inside the truck were injured in the crash, though their injuries are believed to be minor and they are both expected to be OK.

The four left lanes of the 10 Freeway were immediately closed down for law enforcement to properly clear up and investigate the scene. As the van was largely totaled, crews were called to the scene to drag the mess of tangled metal and plastic out of lanes.

At this time, there is little information as to why the collision took place. Police are still looking to question the occupants of the Caltrans vehicle, as well as anyone who may have witnessed the crash. Anyone with information about the situation is being asked to notify El Monte police immediately.

The lane closures created a serious jam for morning commuters through the area. All but one lane was closed down for several hours, leading to a backup that lasted for miles, and remained for several hours.

This is not the first time that a Caltrans vehicle was involved in an accident, as contract worker Connor Penhall was killed in the same place just a few months previous.

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