The body of twenty-year-old woman that was killed on Christmas Eve was identified on Wednesday.  She was involved in an off-road-rollover accident on northbound Interstate 15 near state Route 52 in San Diego.

San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office determined that the body belonged to Tina Kohr. She was one of three people found inside a wrecked 1996 Toyota Camry, and the only one that died.

A sixteen-year-old female, the driver of the vehicle, alleged to authorities that they were traveling close to sixty-five miles per hour heading north on the I-15; and when she made an attempt to make the transition on to SR-52 she lost control of the vehicle.

Officer Juan Escobar told UT San Diego that the driver survived with non-life threatening injuries alongside the front seat passenger, a 26-year-old man.  Medical professionals transported both victims to Sharp Memorial Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

An initial investigation seems to indicate that when the vehicle made its attempt to enter the state route it lost control and veered to the left of the road then struck a wood-and-metal guardrail. The impact of the crash caused the vehicle to overturn several times.

While the Camry overturned, Kohr was partially ejected from the vehicle and thrown about whichever way it flipped. A report stated that she was fatally ejected and sustained fatal head injuries as a result. The hood detached and collided with a black BMW.

When the vehicle stopped it was on the right shoulder of I-15 and on its roof. Kohr had been ejected through the rear window.

Authorities pronounced Kohr dead on the scene.

Reports indicated that Kohr had perhaps decided not to wear her seatbelt on that trip, or it may have come undone on its own. Escobar stated that the driver and the other passenger were wearing their seatbelts. An investigation indicated the driver who was examined for alcohol or drug intoxication tested negative and thus, drugs and alcohol intoxication while driving was ruled out.

All the victims in the vehicle were San Diego residents. The names of the other survivors have been withheld from the public thus far.

The driver of the BMW, a 45-year-old woman, was not injured, stated the publication.

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