A Provo couple was killed in a deadly Utah RV crash and eight others were injured en route to Disneyland Friday morning.

Utah Highway Patrol stated that moments before 6 a.m. as the R.V. was traveling south on Interstate 15 the vehicle blew its passenger front tire. The driver lost control of the vehicle, which stopped after it crashed into a St. George condo and totaled the vehicle and a damaged a few homes.

“[The RV went] down an embankment, through a highway fence, across 900 South, through a vacant lot and into the condo complex,” UHP Lieutenant Shawn Hinton told reporters.

At that time, 53-year-old Sue Clark was behind the wheel of the vehicle and 55-year-old Steve Clark was the front passenger. They both died at the scene.

Medical respondents rushed to the scene and took eight other passengers, consisting of four adults and four children, to a local hospital.

“It’s just sad, and scary,” George Ledingham, who lives down the street where the accident happened, told reporters. “We pray for the people in the motor home, mostly the children.”

There were no injuries to those people living in any of the homes affected by the crash. Tim Wiley who lives in the home most affected stated that he was just 10 feet from his garage in another room when the RV crashed through the home and totaled his garage.

“The wash room got hit, too, but other than that the rest of the house is okay,” Wiley said.

Investigators continued to work through the wreckage the rest of the day to determine if there were other contributing factors to the collision. While the blown tire is believed to be the primary factor in the collision, they think that there may more behind the Utah RV crash.

“Evidence on the roadway shows there’s no evasive action, or any braking,” says Hinton. “So we’re looking into the possibility that maybe there was a medical problem with the driver.”

Wiley added that the driver did everything right by keeping the RV straight, and perhaps saved the others on board by doing so.

“Usually when you go off the freeway like that you roll,” Wiley said. “That’s where he done the right thing. He kept it straight. And didn’t hit the brakes.”

Reportedly, the family was on its way to Disneyland for a vacation when the accident happened.

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