Driving lessons for a young high school teenager came to an abrupt end after crashing through benches and into a wall in a parking lot Monday night in San Diego.

According to local accident reports, the ordeal took place at about 9:20 p.m. in the Mt. Carmel High School parking lot in the 9500 block of Carmel Mountain Road, where a female student driver with a leaners’ permit was piloting a borrowed Toyota Corolla with friend on board.

“One of the occupants of the vehicle was teaching the other how to drive,” said responding San Diego police Officer Kenneth Rawls.

While navigating the parking lot, the unseasoned driver attempted to bring the car to a stop, but instead put her foot on the gas pedal. Despite the quick acceleration, she kept her foot on the pedal as the vehicle climbed up a sidewalk, crashed into and destroyed two metal benches, and smashed into the side of Mt. Carmel High itself.

Airbags were deployed upon impact, though thankfully neither occupant inside the car was hurt, nor was anyone else on the scene. Police reported that the damage to the wall was moderate, as was the damage sustained by the front of the Toyota. The two benches suffered the worst fate, having been ripped from their mounts and reduced to scrap. Their ability to provide rest and relaxation will never be recovered.

After speaking with the shaken driver, police determined that she kept her foot on the gas pedal because she was in a state of panic. Both students, currently enrolled at Mt. Carmel, were able to return to school the next morning.

Though she suffered a rather embarrassing accident, the panicked teen driver and her compatriot instructor showed good judgment in keeping to the parking lot while learning to drive, though incidents like this demonstrate that the threat of danger still persists. It is essential to master the task of driving before entering active roads, as an ordeal like this with other drivers present could have easily developed into a dangerous accident.

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