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A drunk driver SUV crash into a Palmdale apartment complex killed a teen that slept in her room. A sheriff’s deputy driving through the area noticed the collision and called for help, early Sunday. The driver of the vehicle is now in jail.

Los Angeles County coroner’s identified the body of the deceased teen found in the apartment building ruble. They said it belonged to Giselle Mendoza, a 16-year-old.

Robert Rodriguez, the driver of the SUV that crashed survived. He went to the hospital with minor injuries.

At approximately 3:50 a.m. Rodriguez crashed a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder SUV into the first floor bedroom of the Palmdale apartment complex. Mendoza, unaware of the impending danger slept in that room on the 1000 block of East Avenue R in Palmdale.

Residents detained 20-year-old Rodriguez until deputies arrived.

The sheriff who was driving through the area stopped and attempted to pull pieces of the broken wall from the SUV to free the vehicle. But he was unable to move the rubble on his own. It wasn’t until Los Angeles firefighters arrived that his task succeeded. They helped pull heavy pieces of wall from inside the building and the Pathfinder, so they could pull out the SUV.

The SUV, once extricated, led to the shocking discovery of Mendoza’s body. She was pronounced dead at the site, due to severe injuries she received at the crash.

There are several key facts in this fatal car accident crash pending public release. It is not known how fast the vehicle was going before slamming into the building. Also, the BAC of the driver is unknown to the public. In California, it is illegal for drivers under the age of 21 to have any trace of alcohol in their system.

Rodriguez is now held in jail in lieu of $100,000 bail and booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. He is on the schedule on Tuesday for arraignment.

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