Two men are recovering from serious injuries after their small plane took a sudden dive and crashed in a parking lot Saturday in Pacoima.

The crash was reported by witnesses at around noon near the intersection of Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road, where the plane came to rest on a wall and a wrought iron fence in the lot between two neighboring buildings.

“By the time we saw, the plane was shaking left to right,” said Arkadi Soghomonyn, a witness to the crash. “It barely missed the electric line and we all ran inside.”

The two men on board the plane, both in their 60s, were quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by responding paramedics for treatment of serious injuries. One of the men is currently listed in critical condition, the other in fair condition.

Another witness to the crash, who attempted to help getting the men out of the plane after the accident, noted that one of the men had a serious head injury, and that the other appeared to have something impaled into his leg.

At this time, little is known about what may have caused the small prop plane to drop from the sky. Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently conducting a thorough investigation to uncover what may have gone wrong.

The crash all but destroyed the airplane, as its engine was torn from the remaining fuselage, spilling almost five gallons of fuel onto the parking lot. LA County firefighters were called to the scene to mop up the mess. Two vehicles in the parking lot and the awning of a building were also damaged in the accident.

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