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In June 2016, Toyota issued two recalls of millions of its cars because of concerns about airbags and emissions control systems. The recalls affect a number of different models that the car maker manufactures, and the total number of vehicles affected is estimated at 3.7 million so far. Some cars have both potential defects. Let’s take a closer look at the recalls and what the problems are.

Cars Affected

The Toyota recall of 2016 includes two kinds of problems. The side-curtain airbag defect is targeted to Prius models from 2010 to 2012 and Prius plug-in models from the same years. Lexus CT200h vehicles from model years 2011 and 2012 also are affected. The total number of cars included in this recall is 1.43 million.

The emissions control unit recall encompasses the Prius, Lexus CT200h, Lexus HS250h, the Toyota Auris, and various other models. The recall affects 2.87 million vehicles worldwide, and there is some overlap with the airbag recall.

How to Fix Defects

Toyota will notify owners of affected cars about the recalls. Owners should bring their vehicles to the nearest Toyota or Lexus dealership to have the potentially defective parts replaced or repaired. There will no cost to vehicle owners for the repairs.

Dangers of Waiting

Although there have not be any injuries reported as a result of the potentially dangerous units, failure to have the repairs made will put drivers and passengers at risk. It is feared that the side-curtain airbag inflators could become cracked and enter the vehicle if the airbag is deployed.

The emissions control unit included a poorly designed evaporative emissions channels that could lead to cracks over time. The evaporative units are housed in the fuel tank.

It can be unsafe to drive a vehicle for which you have received a recall notice. You should make it a priority to get the car to the dealership as soon as possible so repairs can be made. While you are there, have the service staff check for other recalls you may have missed so they can fix those as well.

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