The Toyota Motor Company has announced a new recall on more than 150,000 Tacoma pickup truck models over an issue with the lift plate that holds the spare tire.

Issued through the National Highway Traffic Administration, the recall covers pickups from the 2001 to 2004 models years sold in more than 20 snow laden states (including Maine, New York, Virginia, Kentucky, and Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia which may contain an improper amount of anticorrosion material on the lift plate of the spare tire carrier, which is located underneath the rear of the truck.

The purpose of the lift plate is to raise and lower the spare tire to allow owners access when the tire is needed, and also to hold the tire security in place, ideally without suddenly dropping down and becoming a hazard on the road.

Without adequate levels of this anticorrosive material, these plates have the potential to erode when vehicles are driven on roads where salts are used in the winter to reduce the level of ice and snow on driving surfaces. If this plate is corroded enough, the spare tire itself can come loose from its compartment, creating the potential for a serious accident.

At this time, Toyota is still working to develop the proper remedy to the issue, through the Japanese automaker still plans to begin notifying owners of affected vehicles next month. More information about the issue can be found by calling Toyota’s Customer Experience Center or the NHTSA’s Vehicle safety Hotline.

Upon receiving notification, owners of affected vehicles should take the correct steps to fix the issue as soon as possible. Recalls are declared when real danger is identified, and driving around in a vehicle with a known defect does nothing to expose you to the threat of an accident at any time, even during safe and conscientious driving.

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