A tow truck driver was killed by a hit and run driver while attempting to help a stranded motorist on Pacific Coast Highway Monday night in Malibu.

According to reports from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the crash took place at around 8:45 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of the coastal highway near Pepperdine University, where a tow truck from Platinum Tow and Transport was dispatched to assist a downed minivan along the side of the road.

While loading the minivan onto the truck, the tow truck driver, 45 year old Ronald Carver of Newbury Park was struck by a speeding Audi sedan which continued on down the highway. He was killed on impact.

Still speeding in an eastward direction, the Audi then reportedly flipped and landed back onto its wheels, allowing it to travel almost two miles further down the road before ultimately crashing into a parked car in the 22900 block of PCH near Malibu Pier.

The driver of the vehicle, 44 year old Jill Rose, was arrested immediately and rushed to UCLA Medical Center in critical condition with a brain hemorrhage, though she is expected to survive. Upon her release, she will be facing charges of at least vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run.

It is unclear is drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash, though local authorities have confirmed that Rose had a history of opiate abuse, suggesting she was likely highly impaired at the time of the crash, as one would likely need to be to create the kind of carnage she did.

The crash forced the closure of all eastbound lanes of the highway starting at John Tyler Drive to allow for cleanup of the crash site, and to allow for investigators to gain a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the ordeal. Traffic was diverted into one of the westbound lanes until all lanes were finally reopened late into the night.

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