A three-year-old boy was injured Thursday when his mother pushed his stroller in front of an SUV, the Sacramento Bee reports. The January 26, 2012 accident occurred around 8:00 p.m., and resulted when Michelle Dawn Sudeta, the boy’s mother, started to cross Eureka Way near Overhill Drive, Redding police stated in The Bee’s news story. Redding police also said that the boy’s mother was allegedly drunk at the time.

Sudeta pushed the stroller with her son in it, accompanied by her daughters who are eight and nine years old. The Bee reports that a police press release states the daughters urged their mother not to cross because the road was dangerous. The mother reached the center lane of Eureka Way where police stated she stopped for a moment, and then she abruptly continued to cross. Redding police stated that she allegedly pushed the stroller into the path of a Ford Expedition. The news story states the driver of the SUV tried to avoid a full force impact, swerving to avoid the stroller. The SUV hit the boy and the stroller. The boy was hurt, suffering broken bones, and the stroller was destroyed. Responders took the boy to the hospital for treatment.

The Bee reports that Redding police said they arrested the mother on suspicion of endangering the lives of children, and booked her into Shasta County Jail.

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