Three teens died and a fourth was injured in a street racing crash Tuesday. These teens had been in trouble before. They had been cited for truancy, joy riding, selling drugs, and stealing cars.

They took a joy ride down Santa Clara Tuesday evening.

Jayleen Ciriaco, 15, Anthony Ramos, 15, and Oscar Avila Toledo, 18, all died as a result of the crash. Habib “Emmy” Harfouch, 15, is in critical condition in a local hospital.

The car they were racing was never found.

Candles were lit at the base of the tree the car hit.

Anthony offered Jayleen a ride home from her friends house. The four teens were close friends. The excitement of street racing came to an ill end.

Street racing is a popular pursuit for teens in the San Jose area.

Two Teenagers Killed, Three Injured In Crash

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Source: San Jose Mercury News