Three people were hurt and another person is missing and presumed dead as a result of crash last night that sent their car into the Delta Mendota Canal in Tracy, California. Around 11:45 p.m. on February 23, 2012, a BMW 300 series vehicle went off the runway at the Tracy Municipal Airport and into the water, News10/KXTV reports. Three of the people who were in the car were able to climb out after it plunged in the water, Sgt. Tony Sheneman of the Tracy Police Department said. The fourth person is missing.

The missing victim is a man from Europe, and according to Sgt. Sheneman, authorities contacted the man’s consulate so staff there could notify his next of kin. Sgt. Sheneman also said that the driver, who lives in Tracy, was arrested and is in custody on charges of vehicular manslaughter. According to Sgt. Sheneman, neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to play a role in the crash, News10 reports.

The BMW was recovered from the canal. No other information is available.

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