Three pedestrians were struck and two hospitalized as an SUV drove through a bus bench while the driver fled the scene on foot Wednesday evening in East Los Angeles.

According to reports from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the crash took place at around 5:15 p.m. at the intersection of Whittier and Atlantic boulevards, where witnesses said a white GMC Yukon drove onto the sidewalk, hitting a woman and a dragging another man who became pinned in the wreckage of the accident. After the accident, the driver exited the SUV, pulled a small child out of the vehicle, and ran from the scene on foot. “It sounded like a big crash,” said witness Ronni Armijo. “Like a boom sound, like a lot of breaking glass.”

Police, fire, and ambulance crews were called to the busy intersection, which became a large spectacle as onlookers gathered to watch rescue teams cut the trapped man free. He and another woman were then transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, though the extent of their injuries has not yet been made known. Another pedestrian injured in the accident was treated at the scene and released.

Police also launched a search for the driver of the SUV, who still remains at large. Witnesses described the driver as a Hispanic male in his early twenties. He was last seen running northbound on Atlantic Boulevard in blue jeans and a white or grey shirt. Anyone with information about the man is being encouraged to contact the California Highway Patrol as soon as possible to assist in their investigation.

Investigators at the crash site reported that the vehicle did not appear to be stolen, and that there was no evidence inside to suggest that alcohol was a factor. To gain a better understanding of the circumstances that surround the accident, police will examine surveillance footage captured by nearby businesses.

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