How will you spend your 2013 tax returns in 2014? Well, there are many ways. If you are having trouble where to put your money, here are ten smart suggestions so you get the most out of your tax dollars:

• Savings account
• Investing
• Pay future taxes
• Education
• Medical or dental expenses
• Safety equipment
• Donate them to a charity of your choice
• Existing debt
• Rent
• Cost-savings renovations

Not everyone gets tax returns. In fact some people owe money to the government each year and have to pay them (if you are a business owner, were audited, or haven’t paid your taxes in a long time you know what I’m talking about.) For those of you that are getting 2013 tax returns on 2014, it is usually because you gave a percentage of your money from each pay check directly to the government. Ideally taxes help the government pay for roads, fund schools, and infrastructure. It is your financial contribution to society. Then at the end of 2013 the government didn’t use it all, so they are returning the portion of the money they did not use. Think of this as getting money from a savings account.

In essence taxes help fund what the public needs but don’t really address your specific needs directly. Now it is time for you to take care of your needs. Check out the list above. With money that is coming your way it will work better for you if you have someplace for it to go and work for you. If not, you might spend it on meaningless things. If you worked hard all year and had to sacrifice things one way or the other, it is smart to put that money towards something that is worthy of your sacrifices.

The list above was put together by some of the staff at AA Accident Attorneys. It comes from personal experiences and while we are not financial experts, we’ve all had experiences with money and we think the above list best reflects times when we spent our money smartly and got something beneficial. When we used or money for one of the above items at different stages of our lives, especially if we found ourselves in tight financial situations, it actually helped us in the long run.

Well, we’ll leave you with the list above before this blog gets long-winded. If you have other items you think are important to add to it, feel free to contact us, or discuss it below.

About AA Accident Attorneys: At AA Accident Attorneys we offer free consultations and we work on a contingency basis. Simply put, we will not take money from you upfront but will collect our fees from your case once it is won. If our attorneys can’t win your case, we will not collect our fee. Feel assured that when working with us, you will not need to use your tax returns – we like to take care of our clients. It means we like to go out of our way to provide top service. Sometimes that means finding doctors who will work with them and not charge a thing either, until the case is settled.

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