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The driver of an SUV hit a sixteen-year-old in Vacaville Tuesday night, December 27, 2011, and then abandoned the injured and unconscious teen. As reported by News 10 KXTV, Vacaville police Acting Sergeant Rod Neal stated that witnesses saw a maroon-colored SUV traveling north on Harbison Drive around 6:20 p.m. The vehicle then traveled on the sidewalk where it hit the teenager. The victim had been walking on the 3500 block of Harbison, and according to News 10’s story, the teen was headed from the Ulatis Library to the Morgan Park apartment complex.

Witnesses stated that after the SUV struck the young pedestrian, the driver kept heading down the sidewalk, hitting a pole and then some bushes before returning to the road.

Responders took the injured teen to Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center where the teen was treated for head trauma, abrasions, and pain, Sgt. Neal stated. The family of the teen reported that the victim’s condition was stable.

Investigators found parts of the SUV and followed a trail of fluid that led from the accident scene to a Target store parking lot on Harbison, according to Sgt. Neal. Investigators did not, however, locate the SUV, which may be a 2008 Toyota Sequoia.

Officers checked surveillance camera video from Target, and saw the SUV enter the parking lot. They then saw the driver park, enter the store, and rapidly exit and leave. No other information was available, and the investigation continues.

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