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A teenaged skateboarder was pronounced dead at the hospital Thursday after a collision with a car Wednesday evening in Chula Vista.

According to officers from the Chula Vista police, the accident took place at about 6:46 p.m. in the 800 block of Nacion Avenue, where the 14 year old boy was skating along the side of the road. “The skateboarder lost his balance and was thrown off the skateboard and fell into the path of a northbound vehicle,” said police Sergeant Eric Tarr.

The teen suffered serious injuries and was rushed to UCSD Medical Center for treatment. He was pronounced dead not long after arriving at the hospital. At this time, the boy’s identity has not been released. Witnesses to the accident told local reporters on the scene that the boy was a student at Hilltop High School.

Residents in the area were saddened to hear the news, and commented on the lack of safety at the accident sight. “I’ve been here a year and I’ve seen four accident so far… very, very bad accidents,” said Lourdes Delion, a nearby homeowner.

Alexander Quijano, a witness to the crash, added “This street is not lit at all and people speed down this hill so fast. There’s a sign down there that says ‘reduce your speed’, but people don’t listen to that. There’s no street lights out here at all.”

Despite these concerns about the safety of the area, police investigators believe that speed was not a factor in the accident, nor were drugs or alcohol, though the lack of visibility likely played a role. A more complete look into the crash is still being conducted to uncover the full cause.

In areas of poor lighting, it is important for drivers and pedestrians alike to make themselves known to prevent accidents like this. While this case appears to be nothing more than a tragic accident with no malicious or negligent intent, it still demonstrates the importance of both careful driving and responsible behavior when in proximity to active lanes.

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