A teenaged driver who struck eight students in a crosswalk outside of Hemet High School in May of this year will not be charged with a crime.

According to an announcement released by the Riverside County district attorney’s office on Monday, the California Highway Patrol determined that “certain initial information regarding the circumstances of the crash was inaccurate.”

It was first reported by the CHP that 18 year old Daniel Carrillo was driving at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone, weaving through traffic, when he ran through a red light and struck a group of students making their way across the street in the late afternoon of May 30.

Carrillo asserted that a brake failure was the cause of the crash, though investigators threw out such a possibility quickly. Unfortunately for the Riverside police, a more thorough search into the crash revealed that brake failure was in fact the cause.

“Further investigation revealed that the pickup… actually was slowing as it approached the area where the pedestrians were struck on East Stetson Avenue. The vehicle’s brakes apparently malfunctioned, and the driver was actively trying to stop the truck before the pedestrian were hit.”

No one was killed in the accident, though some suffered serious injuries, including Helen Richardson, who spent a week in a coma and sustained permanent brain damage. Her mother, Trisha Telezinski, said of the lack of criminal charges, “It just doesn’t feel fair.”

She acknowledged that a mechanical failure was ultimately to blame, though she also believed that Carrillo’s wild driving before the crash, which was reported by witnesses to the ordeal, contributed to the issue. “To me, it’s kind of sending a message, the wrong message… that reckless behavior, there’s no consequence.”

Fortunately, her daughter Helen has started to show improvement. She is experiencing improvement in her damaged right eye and is doing school work through an independent studies course.

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