A teen cyclist remained in critical at an Orange County hospital after being hurt in a hit and run accident in Anaheim Wednesday night. He was found barely breathing on the side of the road by a passerby who contacted the authorities. Officials are still searching for the driver that fled the scene but so far have no suspect description and are asking for the public support in finding the fleeting driver.

Police say the victim is a teen between 16 and 18-years-old. They say the teen remained in critical condition after the incident and is being treated for severe head injuries at UC Irvine Medical Center.

A few minutes before midnight on Wednesday in the 900 block of North Harbor Boulevard near La Palma Avenue a vehicle hit the teen who was left badly injured on the street. Pictures of the incident show that the front wheel of the BMX-like bicycle took a hard hit and was bent sideways.

Sometime after the incident Angelina Lucero drove through the same street after she finished her shift at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park. She no ticed the victim lying on the side of the road almost motionless and pulled over to offer assistance.

“I saw his white shirt, the boy’s white shirt, and it caught my eye, and I slowed down as I came up and I saw him lying on the ground on his stomach. I saw the bike to his side and I could hear him breathing but I know that he wasn’t moving,” Lucero told reporters.

She immediately contacted emergency services and did as they instructed until medical professionals arrived at the scene. When they got there, they rushed the teen to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Police scoured the area for clues that may lead to finding a suspect but are still investigating the case. They don’t have a suspect description at the time and are asking that if anyone witnessed the hit-and-run accident or may have some information regarding the incident that they contact local authorities.

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