A teenaged driver was taken into custody after crashing and rolling his car while under the influence of alcohol late Wednesday night in San Diego.

According to accident reports, the solo vehicle crash took place on the eastbound lanes of Tierrasanta Boulevard near Rueda Driver when the intoxicated 19 year old suddenly lost control of his vehicle, a blue Saturn sedan, which rolled several times before coming to an eventual stop in its roof.

Amazingly, the inebriated teen was uninjured in the accident and no other vehicles or bystanders were involved. His car did suffer some injuries, however, at the roof and much of the hood section of the vehicle were crushed. There were also dents and scratches covering the entirely of the car from the repeated rolls.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and immediately administered a field sobriety to the teen, which he promptly failed. He was then taken into custody and faces charges of driving under the influence. His identity has yet to be released.

The accident forced the temporary closure of multiple lanes of Tierrasanta to allow for crews to move the overturned vehicle from the scene. It was quickly tipped back onto its wheels and transported from the scene, allowing for the complete reopening of all lanes.

Police made an initial investigation into the situation to determine if any other vehicles may have been involved to influence the vehicle to roll, but it was determined that the fault lied solely with the sloppily driving teen.

This rollover accident serves as nothing more than the latest reminder to never drive after consuming alcohol. This teenager is lucky to have escaped without injury, and also that his reckless driving did not injury or even kill another motorist on the road.

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