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FDA Allows Nut Factory to Reopen

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed Sunbeam to reopen after they were forced to shut down earlier this year for processing dirty nuts onto their finished products, however, there is a caveat. According to Denverpost, on Sunday, the company signed an agreement with the FDA to have an independent sanitation expert develop a […]

FDA Shuts Dirty Nut Factory

A nut factory has been shut down after the Food and Drug Administration found it primarily culpable for the massive peanut butter recall of September. Improper and unsanitary handling of nuts distributed amongst hundreds of nut-containing products for millions of people from the plant sickened a reported forty-one persons with Salmonella.

Bounce House Use May Increase Children’s Personal Injury Risk

A recent study discovered that bounce house related injuries are on the rise by over one-thousand percent. A source of fun and often a staple of children’s parties, the inflatable bouncer or bounce house has become an increasingly popular attraction but it is now claiming injuries at hospitals reminiscent of a growing disease. Gary Smith […]

Train Wrecks Parade Float, Kills 4 Retired Servicemen

A freight train plowed into a parade float that had wounded veterans and their spouses sitting on top waving at onlookers Thursday evening. Authorities have since been able to confirm the death of four servicemen aboard the float; two servicemen gave their lives to save their wives from the unforgiving locomotive. Investigators are looking into […]