A mother and her child were rudely awakened late Wednesday night when a driver suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol crashed into their Pasadena home.

According to local police reports, the crash took place at around 11 p.m. near Washington Boulevard and Summit Avenue, where a pickup truck driven by a 20 year Hispanic male was attempting to make a left hand turn from Washington onto Summit.

During the turn, the man lost control of his vehicle, exiting the road and crashing into the front of a house where a woman and her young child were fast asleep. The man suffered injuries of an unknown degree in the crash, and was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Upon being released, he was arrested by police under suspicion of driving under the influence.

Fortunately, the woman and her young daughter inside were unhurt, though the truck nearly into the girl as she slept on the couch. “There was debris in the house and out here scattered throughout the yard. It kind of exploded,” said Jeff Scott, a contractor assessing the damages to the house. “The wall right here was hit and buckled and hit the dresser, which hit the couch and slid everything in the room over. The girl was sleeping on the couch at the time, [she came within] I guess a couple feet of dying.”

As a result of the crash, the house has been red-tagged, meaning the damages has made the building unsafe to live in under repairs can be made. The two occupants have been forced to look elsewhere for housing in the meantime, and the Red Cross is working to help them find another living arrangement.

The mother and her daughter were lucky to have escaped injury in the crash, as an out of control vehicle crashing through their home could have easily inflicted serious and even lift threatening damages. For those unfortunate enough to not escape harm however, there are legal protections in place to help them get what they need to recover.

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