A SUV crashed through the backyard wall of a Sacramento home Wednesday morning where children were sleeping moments prior to the accident.

Roman Zima received a panicked call from his wife moments after the loud crash took out part of their home.

“She was crying, my first thought was something happened with the kids,” he told reporters. It was hard for him to understand her at first because she was a bit panicked about the situation that happened unexpectedly while she was at home.

Roman’s baby was almost injured by the SUV crash accident when a slab of concrete destroyed and area where the baby was sleeping. That crib made it to the scrap pile the morning of the crash.

According to witnesses, a woman was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee at high speeds. They said she was probably traveling at about 90 miles an hour when she lost control of the vehicle and it crashed through the sound wall on Watt Avenue. When the vehicle crashed it was loud. Rubble was spewed into nearby homes on the 7800 block of Gull Way around 10 a.m.

“I thought a bomb exploded, that’s what I thought the way it sounded,” witness Larry Dea told reporters. It was a sound that was rarely heard at his neighborhood.

Slabs of concrete catapulted into Roman’s home. They destroyed the area where his young child had been sleeping minutes before the crash occurred.  This situation scared his wife.

“I am thinking my kids were there,” he told reporters. The situation could have been worse than large chunks of material destroying parts of his home.

It was when Roman felt the weight of the rocks that flew into his baby’s room where the seriousness of the situation sunk in – they could have taken out or seriously injured his baby or wife.

There were no further reports on people in other homes being injured.

So far, the condition of the driver has not been made public. It is uncertain if the driver was under the influence of alcohol of drugs prior to crashing the vehicle into the sound wall.

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