A woman suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol is recovering in a San Diego hospital after crashing her car into a construction zone early Thursday morning near San Ysidro.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, the crash took place at around 1 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 805 near L Street in Chula Vista, where a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction was reported by multiple 911 calls from other drivers on the road.

Though the vehicle avoided oncoming traffic, police said that she slammed her Chevrolet Monte Carlo sedan into several guard rails and a construction trailer only a few hundred yards north of the border with Mexico, next to lanes entering the US.

The woman, still unidentified at this time, was trapped inside her car as a result of the crash, requiring the use of the Jaws of Life to cut off the roof and doors and pull her from the wreckage. Once freed, she was rushed to a nearby hospital for injuries believed to be non-life threatening.

CHP officials on the scene said that alcohol was a factor in the ordeal, though no charges have yet been filed. Fortunately, no other drivers were hurt in the accident, nor were any workers at the construction site, which was empty in the early morning hours.

It is fortunate that no other vehicles were involved in the accident, as a wrong way automobile piloted by an impaired driver could have easily causes a scene that inflicted serious and even life ending harm to those around her on the road. Given the early morning hours, there were likely few others on the highway; at a busier time of the day, the scene would have likely looked much different.

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