NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA (June 18, 2021) – A person who was driving a suspected stolen van crashed into a vehicle in North Hollywood during police pursuit. The June 17 incident occurred in the neighborhood of Pico-Union, at 20th Street and Arapahoe Street.

The time was roughly 9:25 p.m., Los Angeles Police said.

According to William Cooper, who is an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, officers began to pursue the van at roughly a little after 9:00 p.m. The van–described only as black in color–went into the San Fernando Valley, traveling in Burbank on surface streets at a fast speed.

According to authorities, the suspect driver went through a number of lights that were red. The driver also went into lanes of opposing traffic, police said.

In North Hollywood, the van struck the back end of another vehicle, reports say. The person who had been driving the van ran from the crash site, which occurred near Vineland Avenue, Peach Grove Street, Camarillo Street.

Authorities found the suspect driver, and arrested the person. The person’s identity has not been reported.

Investigators are working to collect additional information and details about the incident.

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