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Police are on the trail of a pair of suspects who struck and killed a man with their cars before fleeing the scene late last Sunday night in South Los Angeles.

Surveillance footage caught the incident at about 2 a.m. on Central Avenue near 42nd Street where a 45 year old man was making his way across the street when a silver Pontiac Grand Am crashed into him, sending him to the ground.

The Pontiac made no attempt to stop, instead speeding off into the night. Witnesses to the accident approached to check on the downed man. Shortly after, while still lying in the rode, the man was run over by a second vehicle traveling down Central Avenue, a green Chevy Suburban with tinted windows.

According to LAPD officer Karen Rayner, who responded to the incident, “As he lay in the street, a second vehicle came along and struck him a second time. At that point his body was actually stuck under the vehicle and dragged about 200 yards down the road.”

Like the Grand Am, the Suburban fled the scene. The driver of the American made SUV is described as a Latino male in his 20s with glasses and spiked hair.

Investigators say that had the two men stopped, criminal charges could have been avoided. “Both of these drivers had they stayed at the scene were clearly not at fault and would not be facing any charges likely at this point. But the fact that they ran after hitting this individual now are facing felony charges” said Rayner.

The Los Angeles Police Department is asking the public for help in identifying the victim of the accident, as they have been unable to contact anyone with information about whom he was, or where he was from. Anyone with information is being encouraged to contact the LAPD with anything that could help their investigation.

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