A single mother died on Monday after crashing with an allegedly a wrong-way driver on a San Diego road. Medical professionals alleged the wrong-way driver was severely depressed and may have wanted to commit suicide.  The victim left three, now motherless, children behind.  

Lupe Vargas a 38-year-old woman of Escondido was killed on eastbound State Route 78 when she was struck by a vehicle traveling the wrong way. It happened slightly west of San Marcos Boulevard while she was out delivering newspapers for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Vargas was on one of two jobs she had to keep in order to provide for her family. She worked 16 hours a day to support her children ages 5, 8 and 17.

“She never had an easy life since she was divorced and she was taking care of three kids,” said victim’s brother Tony Vargas. “I have no words.”

Tony told reporters that he and his family are going through a rollercoaster of emotions. They feel angry, frustrated and in pain, especially after learning the driver who caused the accident was 48-year-old Yi Liu who was deemed suicidal by a medical examiner.

Officials made the announcement of Liu’s condition on Wednesday. They said Liu was depressed and it was likely she wanted to commit suicide when her vehicle shot into oncoming traffic.

Lupe Vargas’ family now hopes people will stay aware while on the road. They also understand that people living with a mental illness need help.

“I know that at some point her family didn’t have anything to do with it,” Tony told reporters. “At the end, they’re responsible all the way because they had to be taking care of somebody like that.”

Co-workers of the victim who were out delivering newspapers after 3 a.m. on Monday drove by the accident and most were unaware that someone they knew was the victim.

Family and friends helped establish a memorial fund for Vargas’ children.

Traffic collisions can happen anywhere, to anyone, unexpectedly. While on the road make sure to stay aware of your surroundings. Sometimes drivers lose control of their vehicles or fail to notice a red light and can cross right through an intersection when it isn’t their turn.

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