More than 2000 Clairemont residents were left without power Friday morning after a teenaged driver smashed into a transformer box during a street race.

According to reports from the San Diego police, a Toyota Camry driven by a 17 year old was in a heated race with a black Honda sedan filled with teenaged speed junkies when the Camry lost control near a CVS drugstore and crashed into a power box along the side of the road.

Witnesses to the accident told police that the Honda sedan quickly pulled over to help the Toyota driver out of their car before speeding off into the early morning air.

Officers arrived on the scene to find a teenaged girl that was left behind by the fleeing Honda, suspected to be the driver of the Camry. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after beer cans were found in and around the downed Camry. Details about her identity have not yet been released.

Police also reported that the parents of the teens who sped away in the Honda brought their children back to the accident site to speak with them. At this time no charges have been filed against them, and it appears that none of the teens involved in the crash suffered any notable injuries.

San Diego Gas and Electric was called out to the scene to restore power to the more than 2000 that were affected, and was able to do so for most, though more than 65 customers are still without electricity.

No matter how strongly you feel the need, the need for speed, engaging in a street race on public roads is both illegal and dangerous. The teenaged Camry driver is lucky to have escaped without serious injury, and to have avoided an accident with other motorists on the road.

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